Three Direct Mail Marketing Tools to Improve Response Rate

Three Direct Mail Marketing Tools to Improve Response Rate

ygThere is a common perception that direct correspondence is not as effective as digital channels. However, according to Direct Marketing Association (DMA), a US based independent business for data-obsessed marketers; direct mails have a response rate of 4.4 percent whereas emails have a response rate of only 0.12 percent.

Building a successful campaign is not as complicated as it appears, provided you implement an effective plan of action assisted by the experts of direct mail marketing companies. Here are three tools that you can leverage to send your message out to your target audience.

1. Brochures

Brochures or informational booklets have a limited shelf life. A brochure, usually available in bi or tri folds, not only as a great tool to give out introductory information about your product or service but also offers ample space to elaborate on offers, prices, features, tariffs etc accompanied by visuals. For example, a home improvement store can send its customers a printed guide on interior décor and house renovation tips with alluring visuals in its multiple folds. Similarly, a pizza shop can mail a brochure with lip-smacking pictures of scrumptious, pizzas

Tips To Choose A Good Digital Printing Company

Tips To Choose A Good Digital Printing Company

ojWhen looking for quality prints for your brochures, posters, calendars, flyers, letterheads and even business cards, then you need to find a company that can effectively handle the digital printing project on your behalf. All these printed products are important because they will be representing your brand and company out there in the market and you want them to paint the best image for your brand. A few helpful tips will make it easy for you to choose a digital printing company you can trust.

1. Choose a company that can handle any project size to cater to your large and small consignments depending on your current needs. It should offer you good turnaround and high quality regardless of how big your printing project is.

2. Find out how easy it is for you to make online enquiries and place printing orders. A company with a pleasant online presence and great customer service will give you an easy time going through the process and getting prints you truly deserve.

3. A company that has in-house designer will be more advantageous because you can have your designs handled

Top Brochure Printing Tips

Top Brochure Printing Tips

e2A brochure is essentially a marketing and advertising tool for companies to spread the word about their brand and goods and reach out to a wider audience. With a longer shelf life, a well-designed brochure has the prospective to attract purchasers’ attention and convert them into loyal buyers while obtaining a higher recall rate amongst the audience. Listed here are a few of the prime printing ideas to make impressive brochures:

One. Be innovative

Your brochure should instantaneously convey the message you’re attempting to deliver to your audience. Make use of your creativity to style a brochure that attracts interest and stands out in the competition. Needless to say you are planning to make a statement with your brochure printing project, but that doesn’t mean you need to use an excessive number of fonts in designing the brochure. All you need is actually a heading, subheading, and main text font to deliver the correct message.

Two. Always put readers first

When planning your brochure printing project, remember the final readership. It’s for the audience that you’re designing the brochure. When the target audience opens it, they should quickly

Know How to Make the Perfect Postcard

Know How to Make the Perfect Postcard

kiyDid you know that postcards are the up and coming way to reach clients?

Because of how inexpensive it is to mail postcards and the way people respond to them, it is time to invest in them especially if you’re a local small business owner and professional.

This includes if you’re a lawyer, doctor, realtor, carpet cleaner, contractor, and more.

Postcard Uses

Postcards are best used as marketing to promote sales, store events, or special occasions at your small business. Keep your message short, your offer sweet, and use eye-catching images that make the card attractive.

What to Keep in Mind when Building One

There are a million things that one can do with a postcard to make it successful, but like building airplanes, some were never meant to fly. Therefore, these are the things you have to keep in mind.


Hone your Targeting

– Target a neighborhood based on your ideal client
– Make a yearlong campaign to this mailing list
– Use Trigger Words to hit their heartstrings and make it personal

*Note – Rent a direct mail list from sites like, and if you haven’t been

The Many Colors of Direct Mail Marketing

The Many Colors of Direct Mail Marketing

i9Are you looking for a small change to make in your direct mail marketing campaign that could render a bigger response rate? How about a different color envelope? There are many options for the color of envelope you choose! If your yellow letter campaign isn’t giving you the response rate you would like then switching something up is definitely worth a shot. Maybe you’re a skeptic and you think everyone has figured out these yellow letters, with the red font and the ivory invitation style envelope. Well then try a blue or gray envelope with blue or black ink, or a pink envelope. Change it up; keep your audience opening their yellow letters. What about coordinating your envelope color with the season or the holidays? Use orange for the fall, green or red for the holiday season, pink or blue or purple for the spring time.

Thinking about putting your campaign on pause through the holidays? Keep them mailing, here’s why – Things slow down. Think I’m crazy for saying so? I don’t blame you it does sound absurd but hear me out. Of course

5 Tips to Achieve Measurable Results From Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

5 Tips to Achieve Measurable Results From Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

e46Effective direct mail marketing brings new leads and more business; good results and return on investment are possible. While online campaigns are getting a lot of buzz, the growth in technology has not hindered direct mail marketing. Instead, the opportunities are now enhanced. Here we lay out 5 ways you can implement a successful direct marketing campaign that will generate leads.

1. Provide a Link to Your Website

You may be using traditional paper (mass and/or trade print) advertising, but that does not mean you can’t integrate this into your online marketing campaigns. Not only should you provide a link to your website in your direct mail piece, but you can also provide an incentive to do so, such as a coupon placed on a specific page that the URL links to. This page can also include a sign-up form for your email mailing list, offering future company news, coupons, and discounts.

Keep in mind modern consumers are more likely to find your company through an online search. Anything you put in print advertising can be duplicated online, to reach a different audience.

2. Enhance the Presentation

With email

9 Ways to Advertise Your Business With Flyers

9 Ways to Advertise Your Business With Flyers

loiFlyers and postcards are a very inexpensive way to market your business and if you well done can be effective. Here is 9 ways you can use a flyer:

1. Menu

For restaurants a menu is a good way to advertise your business. It is an inexpensive mandatory printed material and makes a great “take out menu”. When printing your menu on a cardstock flyer it is all in the design, because you printed a cheap flyer doesn’t mean it has to look cheap! Save on the printing cost and hire a professional graphic designer, visuals are very important in the food industry.

2. Coupon

A flyer makes a great coupon and if done properly will pay for itself with the new business it will bring in. Design the flyer to have an offer as well as all your contact information. The last thing you want to send out a great deal and the client or prospect have no idea where you are located or how to contact you. The offer could be a fixed number or a percentage off.

3. Product Information

Use a full color flyer for product

Direct Marketing, A Goldmine Of Opportunity

Direct Marketing, A Goldmine Of Opportunity

u6Is Direct Marketing in the past or a goldmine waiting for the internet entrepreneur to discover?

I remember when I was a young boy, there were no computers like there are today. My first computer was the ZX81. Now I’m showing my age! No internet, no mobile phones and no email! Wow, how did the entrepreneur make a living back then?

I will tell you how, Direct Marketing. It was a goldmine back then and it’s a growing business today.

Why is it growing?

Nearly everyone you talk to about internet marketing talks about email lists and how they send emails using an auto responder service, offering their wears to the subscriber. I wonder how many emails are sent on a daily basis offering something for sale? Probably countless millions.

This means of course that everyone’s email inbox is getting more crowded by the day. How many emails have you received today? How many of them have you opened and read? How many of them have you clicked through to the sales page and bought something?

Because everyone is receiving so many emails they’re just not being opened by the

Is Lumpy Direct Mail Dead?

Is Lumpy Direct Mail Dead?

u7Since the mid-nineties, lumpy mail and other dimensional mail have been important strategies to break through the boundaries of direct response statistics. And there’s no question that they have worked very effectively. Open rates have been higher; response rates have been higher; and ROI is higher, despite the extremely high initial investment in packaging and product.

Lumpy mail or dimensional mail has been particularly targeted at B2B mailing, where the audiences are relatively small but the payoffs are large, so the higher investment can be more easily justified.

The lumpy favorites are many. Many of them sound like direct response revivals of the corniest elements from the 1950s sales repertory:

* The Round Tuit – “I knew you hadn’t returned my call because you hadn’t got a Round Tuit, so I thought I’d send you one.”

* A packet of cinnamon candies to introduce a “red hot” offer.

* A Band-Aid to suggest that unlike what competition provides, mine is no “Band-Aid” solution.

* A little aspirin pack because this offer is going to “put an end to your worst headaches!”

And yet they have been working. What drives the response?

Tips/Hints for a Successful Printing Job

Tips/Hints for a Successful Printing Job

i8Do you have to prepare documents for printing? If so, here are some tips/hints so that you don’t get your files back from your printer. Over the years I have been amazed at individuals that have graduated from graphic school but they don’t know how to save the files to be printed correctly. If you want a good quality printed product preparing your document properly is one of the most important aspects of the printing process. Everyone, including the printer, wants you to have a good quality printed piece.

Below is a chart to show you how to save your files to be submitted to the printer.

Photoshop – TIF, PSD, CMYK colors.

Set all fonts to outlines and be sure your job is saved as CMYK. RGB colors are not for printing. Flatten your file before saving.

InDesign – EPS, AI, .pdf set all fonts to outlines and embed all links.

Corel Draw – CDR, EPS, AI, or .pdf set all fonts to curves.

Illustrator – EPS, AI, or .pdf set all fonts to outlines and Embed all Links.

NOTE: Save your files with outlines under a new file name.

Beer and Your Business

Beer and Your Business

oisApproximately 100 years ago, Schlitz Beer was in 5th place among the US beer companies. They were ingenious enough to hire a man by the name of Claude Hopkins to create a new ad campaign. Hopkins attended brewing classes and toured the Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee. He saw glass enclosed rooms with filtered air where the beer was dripping over pipes. Every pump and pipe was cleaned 2 times a day. Every bottle was cleaned no fewer than 4 times by machine.

Schlitz also had an artesian well, 4,000 feet deep to access pure water, even though their brewery was located on Lake Michigan. Hopkins toured the laboratory where the original mother yeast was cultivated and developed with no less than 1200 experiments to give Schlitz Beer their distinctive flavor.

After this tour he returned to the home office and asked why they didn’t tell people about their purity, “Why don’t you tell people those things? Why do you merely try to cry louder than others that your beer is pure? Why don’t you tell the reasons?”

Their response was that all the other brewers did the

Why Printing Services Are Essential For Growth of Business

Why Printing Services Are Essential For Growth of Business

suiPrinting has always been an important part of any business because most of the information and product details create greater impact when they are viewed and held in hand. Even though digital media has occupied a part of the business it cannot completely do away with the print industry. Surveys show that printed media still occupies a significant part of the industry. This is because it offers certain benefits that are unavailable elsewhere.

• Printed matter is tangible:

Newspapers, brochures, or magazines create a deeper impression because they can be held in the hand. They may occupy some space but the comfort of sitting in a relaxed way and perusing through one is simple and extraordinary.

• Greater engagement:

Printed matter can engage a person for a longer time and people tend to read it much faster than an online version of the same.

• More credibility:

Digital matter contains multiple ads and pop ups which can be very distracting to the reader. In printed matter, the advertisements do not present any imminent ads and hence the credibility is greater.

Thus by offering more visibility, credibility and reader engagement printing services

Think Direct Mail Is Dead? Think Again

Think Direct Mail Is Dead? Think Again

3dcWith the constant bombardment of tweets, Facebook posts and e-mails a piece of advertising received in the mail is a refreshing change and grabs attention. Of course a standard letter simply will not make the mark – an attention-grabbing format is a must and a good start is to choose a direct mail idea that is sent out in a chunky envelope.

Our love of a good book has not diminished with the introduction of e-readers. We are still impressed and intrigued by a glossy cover and the fact that we can pick a book up and investigate further.

This is why direct mail is not dead – just like those books a well-designed and attention-grabbing direct mail piece will work for any advertising campaign and here is why:

A chunky board envelope or mailing wrap will rise to the top of the post tray, arouse curiosity as to what is inside and beg to be opened. That is just a starting point – you also need an entertaining and effective direct mailer inside the box to keep the interest.

A pop up product is a great way

Snap Pack Printing Advantages and Specifications

Snap Pack Printing Advantages and Specifications

adNewsletters, postcards, brochures, flyers, business cards; there are many types of effective direct mail. In this article we are going to discuss snap pack mailers, one of the cheapest but most effective mailers used in direct mail marketing. These are the simple mail without envelopes that must be torn along the perforated edges on both sides to be read. They are not as colorful or grand as postcards, nor include plenty of information and attachments like a newsletter. Yet they are popular and are extensively used for a wide array of applications.

Advantages of Snap Pack Mailers

Before we know more about the processes and materials employed in snap pack printing, let’s briefly understand why this simple piece of mail is preferred so extensively by all businesses.

• Cheap – The first and foremost reason to use these mailers is that they are very cheap to print and send out to customers. It is just a sheet of paper glued on both ends, doesn’t require color printing and doesn’t require an envelope either.

• High Open Rate – Though simple in its design and form, this form of

What Does Direct Marketing Cost

What Does Direct Marketing Cost

oiFor the purpose of this article we will be talking about direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing. With direct mail, you can mail out a simple letter, a colourful postcard or small package with a sample of your product. Telemarketing allows you to speak directly to your prospects and inform them of your product or service. An email campaign can be as simple or elaborate as you want, providing your prospects with quick links to your website.

You can also try to do all three! The key to marketing is repetition. By reaching out to your prospects using different marketing methods, you strengthen your initial message. This also gives your prospects a variety of ways to respond, which will improve response rates.

Of course, the costs associated with each direct marketing method will vary for each form. Regardless of the form you choose, there are a few things to think about when setting a budget for your direct marketing campaign.

The first cost is going to be the list you use. Unfortunately, there is no absolute cost to a direct marketing list. Your list cost is going

What to Include in Your Business Brochure

What to Include in Your Business Brochure

o9Most of the people like reading print materials. According to a recent research report, people remember more when they read in print, especially those colorful and attractive pictures. So, if you want to attract some new customers by introducing your product, offer or announcement, go for the printed banners and signs. When it comes to providing essential information regarding a specific product or a group of products, business brochure is the right option.

In exhibitions and trade shows, various companies present their brochure to the visitors for identifying the brand, product and message. It can be called as the first impression on a customer.

Business brochures:

This material is a brilliant option for initial client meeting and networking. In comparison to other printed materials used in promotional activities of a company, brochure needs a different approach while designing and printing.

The brochure provides an in-depth view of products & services and creates a chance of being read by the target audience. So, it should not be as disposable as a leaflet. If you want to get an attractive design, contact an online printing company that provides material, design

The Difference Between a Flyer and a Brochure

The Difference Between a Flyer and a Brochure

se4What is a Circular?

The leaflet is an unfolded paper which is used to bring the attention of people towards a particular idea, product, service or event. A poster puts across a message easily across to people. An announcement is printed in small sheets, but can be increased in size according to the requirement. Fly poster printing services print dodgers more often than not on one side, but it can also be on both sides.

They are distributed by people, especially employed for that purpose, to a passer-by in a trade show or a shopping complex, or somewhere similar. Bulletins can be also folded and kept in envelopes. For printing bills, any kind of printing ink can be used, but colorful blurbs are much in demand.

A notice usually is used for a very short time, so the paper used for the roster may not be very thick. Sometimes handouts are used for one-off events, but sometimes it is referred to again and again and for that the paper needs to be durable, especially for usage in a product spec sheet.

What is a Brochure?

A folder is pretty

Seven Top Tips for Your Next Trade Show or Exhibition

Seven Top Tips for Your Next Trade Show or Exhibition

e4Seven top tips for your next trade shows or exhibitions

We know that many of the products we sell will be used as promotional giveaways at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. Through this we have learnt a few things that will help you market your brand at these events.

We’ve got a mixture of advice and potential promotional products.

Here are seven top tips:

1. If the customer is going to say no to you, make sure “no” the answer you want to hear. Instead of asking if they would like some free promotional products, ask them “have you seen our free merchandise”. It’s far more difficult to say no to somebody when a simple “no thanks” will get the job done.

2. Make one of your handouts pre-charged power banks. These make a fantastic promotional product in their own right, but the added practicality of being pre-charged, your printed product has gone from being a useful item to have in the future to being a lifesaver there and then.

It may take a bit of time charging the power banks before the event but it will be worth it.

What You Should Know About Postcard Printing

What You Should Know About Postcard Printing

po0Before jumping on the bandwagon that says “postcard printing is the all time best marketing tool”, it is important that you know what postcard printing is all about. There are actually four basic aspects of postcard printing that you need to know and these are the postcard size, paper stock, design file formats and coatings. Each of these aspects of postcard printing has their important role to function in order to ensure that you get the best quality postcards ever.

The postcard size doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be only one standard size to fit all sizes of postcards. It’s because various sizes requires for different postcard printing equipments in fact a slight change in the size of the postcard may have an adverse effect on its price. And so, in order not to be shocked by printing prices afterwards it is smart to get first printing quotes. This way you will be guided on just how much your postcards will costs. Likewise, never hesitate to ask your postcard printing company on the postcard size that work best on their equipment.

There are two aspects

How to Choose the Best Direct Marketing List Broker

How to Choose the Best Direct Marketing List Broker

brWhether you are looking to do a mail out, a telemarketing campaign or wanting to reach prospects by email, direct marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach out to potential customers.

The lists you use will determine the success of your direct marketing campaign. Determining who to target the list is a crucial process and establishing your criteria will help you get the best results.

You may want to find a list of consumers or businesses who have purchased products or services similar to yours, or who fall into the demographic profile or income range you are trying to reach.

With thousands of direct marketing lists to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Evaluating list suppliers and finding the right direct marketing lists for your particular campaign can be over whelming.

A direct marketing list broker represents all available lists in the direct marketing industry. they will help you find the best list by understanding your target market. The brokers serve as your guide, providing list recommendations for your marketing efforts.

If possible, look for a list broker who has experience working with clients